Day 20

2 black coffees, 0 kcal
1 snackpot, 252 kcal
1 thai box, 495 kcal
1 snackpot, 252 kcal
1 propud, 144 kcal

TOTAL KCAL: 1143 kcal
KCAL DEFICIT: – 857 kcal


Today has been really difficult. Partly because I feel bad from yesterday’s cheat day slash binge. I ate waaay too much but my brain short circuited and I just about bought every single thing I could find in the store and then I ate most of it. While I was eating I almost felt high – a bit wasted and soo soo happy at the same time. Today… not so happy. I’ve been hungry all day, although not the same acute hunger as the day before the cheat day but just this constant “I want to eat” hunger. Really annoying. So I’ve had three meals and a propud which still turned out alright calorie wise but I feel like I’ve eaten all day. Aaaand, I had the worst sleep in a while – probably because of all the sugar I had, but I am in a daze today because of it.

I also coloured my hair today which I’m quite happy about. Now it’s a soft blue rather than a blueish gray.

Then I cleaned up the kitchen which has been unusable because of all of grandma’s unwashed dishes that needed to be hand washed and I’ve just been too lazy and slow in doing so. Now they’re all clean, been placed in the cupboads and it looks quite nice. I’ve also ordered a new floor lamp which I completely adore. Quite expensive for just a lamp but I like it soo much!

Skärmklipp 2017-07-29 21.20.20.png

The lamp I’ve ordered.

I’ve looked at a few other things I want to buy as well. I really want a new TV because mine is old (still fully functioning, though), a bit too small for the distance from the couch and just too outdated in terms of design. I want a new TV table because the one I have is just not fitting in design wise, shelves for essentially all rooms but especially for the living room and then a chest of drawers for the hallway which is completely empty save for all the trash… and the big couch that they still have not picked up. We’ll see about those things…


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