Day 18

2 black coffees, 0 kcal
1 thai box, 495 kcal
1 propud, 144 kcal
1 snackput, 252 kcal

TOTAL KCAL:  891 kcal
KCAL DEFICIT: – 1109 kcal


Today has been a lot harder. I’ve been hungry aaaaaall day and it’s really annoying. I’ve tried to distract myself with other things – mostly cleaning and moving furniture around – and I’ve mostly been successful but any time I’m not focused on something it’s there. Just… there… I think it’s because my cheat day is coming up tomorrow and I keep thinking of all the things I’m going to eat and when I’ll go to the store and how good it will taste and just… food. Super annoying. I think I did really well anyway but it’s been a struggle.

On the other hand, I’ve finished painting the tables, I’ve unpacked most of the boxes with kitchen stuff and the dishwasher is now going strong.  I still have a little bit more but there is really nothing I can do until the washer is done so I have to leave it. It’s a bit of a mess in the kitchen right now but I will sort it out soon enough. I also sorted the cords and wires behind the TV so that there is no longer a big nest under the TV unit which is such a relief! It looked like crap before and now it’s all hidden. I still have a few more cords to fix in the rest of the room but I don’t have the energy right now. I’ve also vacuumed and done little things like that.

I paid my bills today and as I logged into my bank account I saw that my boss has wired more money than I usually get into my account and I couldn’t figure out why but once I investigated a bit I saw that it is compensation for the extra time that we work throughout the year. So a normal job is 40 hours a week but I work 45 but I still only get paid for the 40 hours. But then once summer comes they calculate the number of hours you did throughout the whole year and pay you that amount – which is great! So I now have a few extra bucks to spend on my home!! Yeey!


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