Day 15

2 black coffees, 0 kcal
1 propud, 150 kcal
1 frozen pizza, 805 kcal

TOTAL KCAL: 955 kcal
KCAL DEFICIT: 1045 kcal


Soo… I lost half a kilo last week… I guess it’s better than nothing but it doesn’t feel like enough… I was expecting more considering how little I have been eating but I guess I am too inactive. I also haven’t gone to the bathroom to do nr2, you know, in a while so maybe that has played a part? I donno…

My mom and her boyfriend came today and took my biiiiiig leather couch to their place. I have ordered a new couch which will arrive this week or next and she really liked my old one so I gave it to her. I loved that couch but it is too big for my apartment. It doesn’t fit against the wall opposite the TV so I’ve had to sit with my head turned for a looong time and it is giving me neck pains so I had to get a smaller one. I really want it to come soon! Right now I am sitting in my armchair which is the only thing to sit on in the living room. 🙂

When she came over she brought with her a few boxes of grandma’s stuff. She passed away right after Christmas and a while ago we cleaned out her house to sell it and I decided to keep a few of her things. There are a set of three tables that I love, a tea set which I don’t know when to use but it’s really pretty, a big set of plates with really nice motifs on them and some other bits and bobs. Not too much though since I’m not all that sentimental but the tables and the plates are very dear to me since they scream “grandma” in my head.

The tables are a bit old and are of a brown-red wood which won’t fit into my design scheme so I went into town and got some paint and have been repainting the first table all evening. I’ll post the finished result once it’s done.


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