Day 14

2 black coffees, 0 kcal
2 Belvita breakfast bars, 140 kcal
1 thai box, 495 kcal
1 GI-box, beef with cauliflower casserole, 380 kcal
carrotsticks with hummus, 100 kcal

TOTAL KCAL:  1115kcal
KCAL DEFICIT: –885 kcal


My brain is completely exhausted! Haha! I’ve been putting together instructional documents and videos all day with screenshots and so on and it takes a lot out of your brain to do that. The reason is because I’ve been given a new role at work for next year which is to make sure that all of my colleagues and students know how to use all of the online technology that we use and I figured that a good way of doing that is to create these instructions. They are easy to follow and are the same each year so they can be reused over and over.

Anyway, enough with the boring stuff. Haven’t done all that much today other than working. Did my laundry (again), threw away some trash, sat on the balcony for a while but it was well hot so I gave up on that after maybe an hour…

This is the last day of the second week. Tomorrow morning is my weigh in and we’ll see how I did.


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